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One and only guide to true homoeopathic practice: The Organon

The 5 basic principles of Homeopathy [according to Hahnemann] are -- The homeopathic remedy [medicine indicated in each individual case] is given  1] based on the Natural Law of Similars [Similia Similibus];2] after proving on healthy human beings;3] in a highly potentized form;4] in an infinitesimal dose; and 5] as a single, simple remedy at any one time. The 3 basic steps of Homeopathic  Practice [Treatment] are --...

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Law of Minimum Dose

Dose could be defined as the least quantity of any substance required to affect a change in nature. The science or doctrine of dosage is called is called posology. In Greek posos =how much ). In medical parlance dose could be defined as the quantity of a particular medicine administered to...

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The Value of Pathology in Homoeopathic Prescription

Opinions on this point run the gamut in today’s practice of homoeopathy, from the lay prescribers who believe that knowledge of pathology is unnecessary to allopathic medical professionals relatively new to homoeopathy who believe it to be all-important. As we have seen Dr. Hahnemann himself used pathology as a part- admittedly...

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A Contribution to the Judgement Concerning the Characteristic Value of Symptoms By Clemens Franz Maria von Boenninghausen

It is now over three years since the great Homoeopathic Congress was held in Brussels, Germany being, I am sorry to say, but little represented. In the last session of this meeting after several propositions had been read, my resolution was adopted and a prize-question was proposed, to answer which a...

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The Vital Force By Henry Clay Allen

THE VITAL FORCE - In the November number of last year, we took exception to Dr. Bayard's position as set forth in the Popular Science Monthly, in his explanation of Homeopathy, that, as a science, it "is the law of the vital force." Dr. P.P. Wells, in a late number of...

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  DISCLAIMER: The information provided is for educational purposes only. It is not meant to diagnose or treat any health condition and is not a replacement for treatment by a healthcare provider.
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