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World Homoeopathic Day on April 10, birthday of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann

April 9, 2011 by drbiswal in Homeopathy Events - no comments


It's World Homoeopathic Day on April 10, birthday of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann

Homoeopathy as the world literally means is ‘Homoeo' means similar, and ‘pathy' means suffering ; originally a German word and coined by the father of homoeopathic medicine, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, whose birth anniversary happens to be on April 10.

Dr.Hahnemann, a physician himself who sought to think differently had observed that if there is a substance which produces a set of symptoms in an individual when given to the same patient in a more refined, diluted and dynamised form gets rid of the disease and the similar symptoms that patient is suffering from. That is what homoeopathy is based on i.e ‘Let likes be treated by likes'. The homoeopathic medicines wake up the slumbered immune system into activity through the similar symptoms. The better part of this system is that there are no side effects of the medicine.

We celebrate a number of world awareness days. We also spend a lot for SMSs and phone calls to greet our friends on such days. Now, April 10th, the birthday of our master Dr Samuel Hahnemann. It should be celebrated as "World Homoeopathy Day".

Lets put our hands together and be prepared to celebrate the world homoeopathy day 2011. We can make this day more successful by organising free homeopathic medical camps and public awareness camps.

With Warm Regards
Dr. K. C. Biswal,
Founder & CEO

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