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do not use homoeo medicines, it is a dangerous medicine than other systems, i am doing homoeo practice, but never use homoeo medicine

September 29, 2011 by sarath in Homeopathy Discussion - 3 comments


i treat sugar 2 months,  urticaria 1 month, pcod 3 months, its my open challenge. most of the homoeo doctors are vaste fellows, they were doing practice routine, more suggestions to the patients ,they were taking long time, so many restrictions ,not think different, homoeo not a complete medicine, every doctor should invent, research new things, i have no master, i am a creator, i invent new things.

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Lack of standard homoeopathic practice knowlege


What new things do you have invented? Would you like to share, so that everyone in homoeopathic field will be benefited.


Thank u Dr. Sarath for using Similibis Blog and expressing your thinking.

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