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Single 3 marked remedy in some rubrics

MIND Anguish-driving from place to place: Ars Anguish â€"open air amel: Cann-i Anxiety-hot air ,as if in : Puls Anxiety â€"pressure on the chest: Sulph Anxiety â€"walking rapidly, which makes him walk faster: Arg-n Anxiety -warm...

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Random thoughts over the years of Homoeopathic practice focus on many glittering areas of success and a few dark shades of disappointment. These clinical experiences are being presented to enlighten our brethren-the new comers into the...

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Some Clinical Tips in Homoeopathy

Aconite When little sharp foreign bodies have entered the eyes, before they can be removed, and after removal. Croupy cough, awaking in first sleep, particularly with children, after dry, cold west wind. Allium Cepa Copious, watery, acrid discharge from the...

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Teething Problems in Babies

Chamomilla Great irritability! Can't stand the pain. Oversensitive to it. Asks for one thing after another - to try and be distracted from the pain. Capricious. Like to be constantly carried. Green diarrhoea - "chopped spinach". Baby hot generally. Cheek red...

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Travel Sickness

Cocculus Metallic taste, gnawing hunger. Worse with smell of food. Empty, gnawing hunger with desire for food. Metallic taste. Much worse from looking at moving objects. Vomiting as well as nausea. Often headache, dizziness. Useful for jet lag (also for repeated broken nights).Tabaccum Deathly cold...

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