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Clinical tips in homeopathy

In cases of Infertility , think of Sabina for women who have had miscarriages before 12 weeks.

Those trekking to high altitudes this summer, start with Coca 6c - 3 times a day - at least 5 days before the trek. this will help you acclimatize better.

Heat boils with this HEAT - think along lines of Echinacea.

Adding Bio-chemic Silicea 12x to the Hair oil, smoothens the texture of Hair.

If after a surgery, the patient has a low blood pressure coupled with sub-normal temperatures think of Camphor.

Arnica is called "The Homeopathic Miracle Remedy". It should be given as soon as possible immediately after any kind of physical trauma. Arnica deals with healing inflammations and bruises as well as reducing bleeding into the area. It also can alleviate the symptoms of mental shock that occurs as a result of an accident.. In fact all mothers & athletes should stock Arnica for injuries.

In cases when previously straight hair becomes curly - think of Mezerium.

Consider Sepia when you have a patient filled with over concern about health.

In a case of ADHD or Behavioral disorder in children where the 'Restless' child bothers the parents & also distracts us (the physician) during case taking, think of the following remedies first - Tarentula-h, Verat album, Iodum & Ars-iod.

Tried & Tested Clinical Tips in Homeopathy by Dr. Jayesh V. Sanghvi MD(Hom) - from 27yrs of his extensive clinical research & global practice.

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